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Return and refund

  1. Lire notre politique de retour et remboursement en Français.
  2. Lesen Sie unsere Rückgabe- und Rückerstattungsrichtlinien auf Deutsch.


Discover our return and refund policy below.

When can you request a refund ?

You can request a refund in two specific cases.

1 – Your order has not yet been shipped

If your order has not yet been shipped, its cancellation will automatically result in the refund of the total amount of the purchase (including shipping costs and customs fees, if any). To find out if your order has not yet been shipped, send us an email at

2 – Our product is not compliant

A customer can request a refund if the product delivered is not compliant. In this case, AdaptAccessoires will reimburse you and cover the cost of returning the product. A product is considered non-compliant if it meets one of the following conditions:

  • the product arrived damaged.
  • there is a manufacturing defect.
  • the product is not the same as the one presented on the site.
  • the materials and other descriptive elements are different from the real thing.
  • for a custom-made product, if the measurements have not been respected and confirmed before shipment.

IMPORTANT: products purchased during the sales are not eligible for reimbursement. Returns and refunds only apply to products purchased at regular prices.

How soon can you request a refund ?

You can request a refund no later than 5 working days after receipt of your order. Beyond this period, you will no longer be able to request a refund.

How do I request a refund ?

To request a refund, simply send us an email to the following address: This email must contain the following elements:

  • Customer’s full name (the one used on our site).
  • Customer’s email address (the one used on our site).
  • A phone number where we can keep in touch with you during the refund process.
  • Order number.
  • The exact amount of the order (in the currency used on the site).
  • A proof of order (screenshot of the confirmation email sent after an order placed on our site).
  • A list of the different products purchased.
  • Clear, unaltered photos of the product (or products) at the time of the refund request.
  • The reason for the refund request.
  • Your residential address.

Upon receipt of your email, we will respond to you within 5 working days. Depending on your area of residence, you will be given instructions on how to return the products. The amount due will be paid into an account that you have chosen for the cause.

If there is a delay in receiving your funds, we urge you to be patient. Some financial services may take up to 5 business days to process a payment. If after this time you still do not receive your money, contact us. We will assist you with great pleasure !

IMPORTANT: a refund request can be accepted or rejected. Acceptance or refusal is at the discretion of our team, after receipt of your email. We therefore invite you not to return any product without having received an explicit note from our team. We decline all responsibility for returns of products not approved by our team.

Can I change a product, instead of a refund ?

Instead of a refund, you can ask to change the product or take another of the same price. We invite you to notify us by email when you request a refund.


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